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New Theme Available: Orange and Blue

Posted: Jun 15th, 2010 •• Category: New Features, Wordpress-MU

A new and exciting theme is available today for our interested users. The theme, titled Orange and Blue, has a new modern look and some very powerful options that will allow you to customize portions of your website with incredible flexibility. This level of customization is unlike any found in our previous themes.

The greatest thing of all, however, is that your current website can be switched over to this new theme in mere minutes! Assuming we already host your website on our content management system, then switching over to the new theme is a breeze.

If you would like to use this theme on your website, please contact us!

Some features and benefits of this new design include:

Modern Design

The new theme utilizes a modern layout that is wider than the previously offered themes. In addition to this extra room, clutter has been cut down and more white-space is utilized to simplify the navigation and attract visitor’s attention.

The color scheme relies on familiar colors from the University of Florida to help leverage the attributes and traits visitors have associated with the state’s flagship university.

Customized Home Page using Widgets

Your home page can now be customized by using widgets. With our widgets you can drag and drop small containers of content on your home page in different configurations. They can also be placed in the footer, the sidebar of posts, and the sidebar of pages.

Each widget performs a different task, such as displaying your recent posts, pulling events from a Google calendar, displaying an RSS feed from another website, displaying a simple image, etc. We have over 12 widgets, with each one performing a specific task, and many of them offering their own level of customization.

Home Page Featured Area

The other big feature to this new theme is the manner in which you can create and feature content on your home page. This content can take the form of written posts or static images, but the goal is to draw the visitor’s attention towards your website’s important messages.

There are 4 choices for customizing this home page feature area (choices can be made using the theme’s setting’s page):

  • Static Image in this example, a static image can be easily placed near the top of the home page. The creation of the image would be the responsibility of each organization, and would require some graphic artist resources, but the possibilities allow for a highly customized and very effective presentation. View Example
  • Single Featured Postif you want to have a bold look to your home page, but lack the graphic artist resources necessary for the “Static Image” option, then this is your next best choice. By simply publishing a post and attaching a simple photograph to it (the photo can come right out of the camera, no editing necessary), this option will generate an appealing and engaging feature area on your home page. You can customize the title, the description, the photo next to the text, and even an optional button to appear below your text — all with great ease. View Example
  • Featured Post Story Stackerthis third option takes the single post feature, and expands it. With the story stacker enabled you can display your 3 most recent posts in an engaging news-agency style that automatically goes down the list displaying each post with an animated effect. Inserting the images is extremely easy, and does not require any image editing on your part. Just attach and publish! View example
  • No feature area – the last choice is to not have any home page featured area. This gives you more vertical room to display other kinds of  content and can help give your website a more simplified look. View Example

Live Examples

Some websites currently utilizing this theme are included below

Questions / Comments

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to try this theme out. We can sit down with you and your team and train you on how to best utilize the new features of this theme, and to help you maximize your website’s impact.

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