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New Template Feature: Make a Gift link

Posted: Feb 11th, 2009 •• Category: Core Services, New Features, Wordpress-MU

Website template users: Customize the ‘Make a Gift’ link to help potential donors find your fund quickly.

Ready for Prime Time

Posted: Nov 25th, 2008 •• Category: Core Services, Wordpress-MU

The Medinfo ‘Sites’ service is now open for business. Read more to learn about our service, and how we can help your COM organization improve it’s presence on the web.

Welcome to Medinfo Sites

Posted: Oct 3rd, 2008 •• Category: Core Services, Wordpress-MU

Medinfo ‘Sites’ will provide individuals and organizations within the UF College of Medicine a platform for publishing their websites. Each site will have features such as: Web-based management of content (update your web pages via your web browser — no additional software needed) Blog-like posting abilities (RSS feeds, comments, user profiles) Image gallery and document […]