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Maintenance Completed

Posted: Mar 14th, 2011 •• Category: Wordpress-MU

All scheduled maintenance should now be completed. Please contact us if you are experiencing any issues.


Posted: Mar 11th, 2011 •• Category: Wordpress-MU

We will be conducting maintenance on the website content management system this Monday (3/14) from 4pm-5pm. During this time period you will not be able to make changes to your website. There should be minimal disruptions to normal website visitors during this period. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Posted: Dec 2nd, 2010 •• Category: Core Services, Wordpress-MU

UPDATE: at this time we have fixed all known major issues with the server migration. If you encounter any problems with the servers, please contact us. Thank you. The server has been moved and we are currently ironing out some mild bugs. We are aware of the issues regarding home page widgets. solved

RESCHEDULED: Server Maintenance: Services Will Be Down

Posted: Dec 1st, 2010 •• Category: Core Services, Wordpress-MU

UPDATE 2: The migration is back on schedule for today (December 2nd) at 4:30pm. The same details from below apply: you will not be able to make updates to your websites at that time until 9:00am December 3rd. UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts, the upgrade has been postponed. Please watch this space for new updates […]

Template Help / Documentation

Posted: Oct 8th, 2010 •• Category: Core Services, New Features, Wordpress-MU

We have a new page up dedicated to explaining some of the many options included in the COM Orange and Blue template. The Orange and Blue Theme Help page is designed to be a first-stop for questions regarding the template. The page itself is a work in the process (as is the template), so don’t […]

New Widget Features: Use On Specific Pages

Posted: Sep 26th, 2010 •• Category: New Features, Wordpress-MU

We are very excited to announce a new widget feature: the ability to insert a widget on a specific page’s sidebar. This will allow you to insert one widget on one page, instead of on EVERY page. Simply select the page from the bottom ‘Display only on page’ dropdown box and viola. This feature is […]

New Widget Available: Random Quotes & Testimonials

Posted: Sep 17th, 2010 •• Category: New Features, Wordpress-MU

A new widget is now available for users of the Orange and Blue theme; Random Quotes and Testimonials. This widget will allow you to insert 3 quotes (with signatures) into a widgetized area with an overall custom title (e.g., Our Testimonials). One quote is then randomly displayed every time someone visits the page. The quote […]

New Widget Available: Insert Page Content

Posted: Aug 27th, 2010 •• Category: New Features, Wordpress-MU

A new widget is now available for use: Insert Page Content. This widget will allow you to insert the content from a page into a widgetized area. This will make it easier for you to insert rich content without having to know HTML code. Currently, you would have to write the HTML code directly into […]

New Theme Available: Orange and Blue

Posted: Jun 15th, 2010 •• Category: New Features, Wordpress-MU

A new and exciting theme is available today for our interested users. The theme, titled Orange and Blue, has a new modern look and some very powerful options that will allow you to customize portions of your website with incredible flexibility. This level of customization is unlike any found in our previous themes. The greatest […]

Another New Template Feature: Rename Articles / Disable Google Calendar

Posted: Oct 7th, 2009 •• Category: New Features, Wordpress-MU

For those interested in renaming the “Recent Articles” text on your home pages, you will now find an option under the menu ‘Appearance’ / ‘Theme Options’ called “Articles” Title on home page. Enter into that field whatever you would like to call the Post listing on your home page (e.g. Events, Announcements, etc.) and the […]