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Ready for Prime Time

Posted: Nov 25th, 2008 •• Category: Core Services, Wordpress-MU

Medinfo ‘Sites’ has been undergoing a lot of testing and theme work, but the results are in: 2 “traditional” COM/UF-branded templates and 2 COM/UF-branded blog designs.

With the bulk of this work done, we can now begin adding new sites and users to our publication system.

Some of the sites recently added to the service include:

We have also updated our About page to reflect some policy updates. Some of the additions lay the ground work for who is allowed to use this service,

Sites is available to all COM departments, centers, institutes, administrative units, research programs, and student groups.

and what you can do once you have a site,

Sites is intended for official business use that benefits the entire COM community. All content should be professional in nature, and related to the missions of the College. All users must comply with the UF Acceptable Use Policy. OMI reserves the right to shutdown non-compliant sites without prior notification.

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